Friday, 21 October 2011


Sometimes, sitting upon the pavement, I wonder. Is there God? Then I think. Maybe. Yes.

Think of it like this. There is one person in your life, who, when you think of, in your saddest moments, you get happy. That person has the power to make you happy. That person is God-like to you.

Now, there is this one person, one thing, one figment of imagination, one belief, who, when everybody thinks of, they get happy, That person definitely has a lot of power.

I call that person God.

Is that wrong? No.

Is saying that there is Vishnu or Allah or Jesus, wrong? Not exactly. Nothing is wrong, per se. There is God. I’m not denying that. Giving it a name isn’t wrong. Sticking to that name and forcing people into believing that, is wrong.

Why do you want to force your beliefs onto others? What is wrong with pure ‘faith’? Why must you make other people experience the same faith?

Nobody is, as they say, ‘more experienced’. They are just, ‘differently experienced’.

- Dhaval Shethia.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Inhibitions, Apprehensions & Libations

Inhibitions & Apprehensions
There are times when you just want to do something. You don’t. Your inhibitions & apprehensions are in the way. Do it. You will never feel as liberated ever. When you wanted to kiss that girl, inhibitions & apprehensions are those idiots who convinced you otherwise.

Technically libation is a ritual of pouring liquids on to the ground as an offering to God or a spirit. Usually wine was used and thus, now, people popularly refer to alcohol as a libation. Libations are inhibition-killers. They just hack the apprehensions and let you do what you really want. I’m not saying that getting drunk is the only way that you can do what you really want. You will get there. Just that if you have some Rum in you, it will be a lot quicker. Not to mention that you will be mighty embarrassed when the effect of the drink wears-off and the inhibitions kick in. But, hey!

PS – If you think that some Old Monk helped me write this, well…

- Dhaval Shethia

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


So after all the cynical ones, I decided to do the name justice and write something optimistic.

How hard is it? Being optimistic. I mean, all that you have to do is have a positive viewpoint for everything. Yeah, no. It isn’t really everybody’s cup of tea. Being cynical, on the other hand, is a piece of cake. (All this talk about tea and cakes is making me hungry.)

A friend of mine told me this, “You know, being cynical is like taking the easy way out. If you’re right people just frown at you, but you’re still right. If you’re wrong, people are just too happy with the situation to care about the fact that you were wrong.”

So am I taking the easy way out? As long as I’m doing what I like, I don’t really care. And who says that life is about taking the “Hard Way”?

Life is about living in the moment and changing with time.

As George Harrison said, “People would say that I’m the Beatle who changed the most. But really that’s what life is about. You have to change.”

- Dhaval Shethia