Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Extra Schezwan sauce with Chinese food

I know it’s not Wednesday, but I’d rather do this right now. You know how sometimes it becomes just so easy? Yeah, that’s how it is. It is just so easy and natural.

There are times when I think about it. Think about all the wonderful times we spent together. It’s almost all that I’m thinking about. That and what we’re going to do next.

Why, you ask? Because that’s just how great it is. That’s just how great she is.

She is just her. Yeah, as cheesy as it is, that’s what I like best. I like how she does things. How she wants me to slice the ant into half with my nails. How she feels terrible about it even while she’s saying it. How she says things. How she tells me not to make her say things. How she says them anyway. How she says, ‘Jesus!’ even though she doesn’t believe in God. How she types ‘God’ and not ‘god’. How she knows what planet Superman is from. How she likes my chocolates, even though she hates chocolates. How she is the best.

How she is like extra Schezwan sauce with Chinese food.

 -  Dhaval Shethia.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Why don’t you scratch your left-cheek with your right-hand going around the back of your head?

I don’t like bitter. Bitter is not nice. Why would anybody like it bitter? People who say they like bitter, are lying. Who likes bitter?

“I’m not going to take that road. It’s a lot more difficult to get to the top from there. This road here, is quicker and easier.”

“You are such a loser. Why don’t you take The Hard Way? Be a man!”

Why don’t you scratch your left-cheek with your right-hand going around the back of your head?

Who says that people have to take The Hard Way to prove their mettle? Doesn’t that defeat the entire concept of ‘smart’?

Maybe that’s why people say they like bitter. They think that consuming bitter things, since it’s difficult, will elevate them above the rest.

I don’t like bitter.

-  Dhaval Shethia

Thursday, 10 November 2011


There are times when you just want to curl up under your blanket and you hope, nay, you believe that the blood-thirsty monster will spare you because he can’t see you under the blanket. Fear. Is it real?

Sometimes, I wonder what is real and what isn’t. Is it all a projection of the mind? If it is, then how can fear be scary? Perception of certain dimensions is beyond human beings. Or is it?  Are we really afraid because we can see what we’re not meant to see?

When things are all going according to plan, you are happy. However, you’re afraid at the same time. You’re just waiting for it to dismantle. What you don’t realise is that it may not happen. Things may all go according to plan and you will reach where you want to, without hassle.

Is fear driving us? Is fear controlling us? Aren’t we supposed to control fear? Is the fear of something enough to deter you from doing it?

Fear. Is it real?

-  Dhaval Shethia.