Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Bastard’s in Love.

As the bullets flew over their heads in the mucky trenches, he looked at John. The mud splatter mixed with remnants of the Captain’s brains, were on his shoe. The ground underneath shook with every bombshell that landed within fifty meters of them. He wished it would stop, but he knew it wouldn’t.

The sparse tree cover did little to shield him from the enemy’s fire. The trenches weren’t deep enough to stand and be covered. There were guts and limbs and stray chunks of some godforsaken heads lying around him. He just looked on at John.

John just kept firing, reloading and firing. They still did not know the enemy’s exact location.
It was supposed to be a simple mission. Their exact commands were – “Get to the trenches, locate enemy bunkers and wait for C – Company to relieve you.”

It had been seventeen hours and C – Company was still nowhere to be seen. Maybe they were just lost. Or worse, dead.

John had a twinkle in his eye as he fired at what he believed was the enemy. At that rate, his bullets would run out in a matter of minutes. And, that is what happened. When John realised the situation, he started laughing, picked up the Captain’s gun and kept firing.

As he looked on, he knew what was coming. The mud under his feet seemed to become slightly wetter. Even though he had no idea as to where the enemy was, he felt he was not shooting straight and true. His bullets just seemed to get wasted with every pull of the trigger.

That’s when he turned, looked at John one last time. He fired straight and true.

Just last night he had found out, the bastard was in love.

- Dhaval Shethia.

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